TE Quote:

"I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn't know how to get along without it."
- - Walt Disney

What is The Termite Effect?

Table of Contents - The Termite Effect

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Mistake #1 – Your Business Is Not Organized

Mistake #2 – Your Business Has Poor Customer Service

Mistake #3 – You Cannot Identify What Success Looks Like

Mistake #4 – You Do Not Pursue Personal and Professional Development Opportunities

Mistake #5 – You Do Not Understand Your Company’s Financial Statements

Mistake #6 – You Cannot Explain Why Your Business is Different from the Competition

Mistake #7 – You Do Not Know Your Unique Ability®

Mistake #8 – You Are Reactive, Not Proactive

Mistake #9 – Your Business Is Not Generating Enough Leads

Mistake #10 – You Stop Marketing

Mistake #11 – Your Business Does Not Have a Well-Defined Sales System

Mistake #12 – You Are Resistant to Change

Mistake #13 – You Do Not Delegate

Mistake #14 – You Have the Wrong People on Your Team

Mistake #15 – You Do Not Understand the Importance of the Internet

Mistake #16 – You Are Not a Good Listener

Mistake #17 – You Are Involved in a Bad Partnership

Mistake #18 – You Are a Technician Trying to Run a Business

Mistake #19 – You Lack Focus

Mistake #20 – You Do Not Participate in Networking Activities

Mistake #21 – You Do Not Measure Anything

Mistake #22 – You Have Unrealistic Expectations of Time Needed to Establish Your Business

Mistake #23 – You Have Poor Time Management Skills

Mistake #24 – You Are Not a Strong Leader

Mistake #25 – You Have Poor Work/Life Balance