The TE Quote:

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."
- - John Wooden

TE Mistakes:

Mistake #6 -
You Cannot Explain Why Your Business is Different from the Competition

Mistake #16
You Are Not a
Good Listener

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Mistake #8
You Are Reactive, Not Proactive
Page 51

Many years ago when I began studying stock market trading strategies, one strategist referred to a concept of hitting singles. He argued that you must take what the market gives you. He opposed the idea of trying to hit home runs every time you put on a trade. But, here's the important part, he stressed the importance of spending time studying the charts and planning your trades rather than going with your gut, "pulling the trigger" on a whim, or reacting to sudden market conditions.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, would you rather spend your days planning, strategizing, and developing the next great product or service or constantly putting out fires and reacting to everything that life throws at you? Would you rather work ON your business or IN it? If you find yourself living a reactive existence, you must ask yourself how much longer you can keep that pace?

IN THE BOOK I explore several methods to improve your ability to live a more proactive life.

One Possible Solution Offered in The Termite Effect:

Legendary basketball coach John Wooden once said that an hour spent planning saves more than ten hours of work. How much time do you spend planning?