The TE Quote:

“If your competition does it, stop doing it right away.”
- - David Sandler

Mistake #6

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Mistake #6
You Cannot Explain Why Your Business is
Different From the Competition

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Why should someone buy from you instead of one of your competitors? Seems like a simple question, huh? Many business owners, entrepreneurs, and especially sales professionals, however, cannot satisfactorily answer it. One of the reasons for the struggle is that many of our businesses have been commoditized to one extreme or another.

In his classic book Jump Start Your Business Brain, Doug Hall analyzed thousands of marketing messages and found that, with the employment of three concepts, the message is measurably more effective. The three concepts are:

  • Overt Benefit
  • Real Reason to Believe
  • Dramatic Difference.

If you can successfully convert the features of your product or service to Overt Benefits while giving your prospects a Real Reason to Believe and articulating a Dramatic Difference, you will be head and shoulders above your competition.

Now that you are armed with some new marketing terminology, let’s apply it to your business?

IN THE BOOK I help you apply some of Doug Hall’s findings to your own products and services.

One Possible Solution Offered in The Termite Effect:

Consider utilizing Clarity Coaching’s Unique Process coaching whereby we help you discover and articulate your uniqueness. The goal of this process is simple: your product or service will no longer be considered a commodity as you set yourself apart from your competition.