The TE Quote:

“What you measure
will improve”

- - Original Author Unknown

Mistake #21

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Mistake #21
You Do Not Measure Anything
Page 122

This topic is one of the least favorite of business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals but probably one of the most important.

  • What do you measure in your business?
  • What should you be measuring?

Let’s assume that you do measure a few things and you actually perform some kind of record-keeping to capture the information. Now what?

Take the measuring concept a step further and consider the inputs to what you measure. For example, you measure revenue. What can you do to improve revenue? Should you be measuring those inputs.

IN THE BOOK I reintroduce the concept of Key Performance Indicators and walk you through an exercise to help you identify what you should be measuring in your business.

One Possible Solution Offered in The Termite Effect:

  • Write down your “sitting-on-the-beach-dashboard”. See page 126.