The TE Quote:

“Be slow to speak,
slow to anger and
quick to listen.”

- - James 1:19

TE Mistakes:

Mistake #1 -
Your Business Is
Not Organized

Mistake #4
You Are Resistant
to Change

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Mistake #16
You Are Not a Good Listener
Page 97

God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason and I believe we should use them in proportion.

Listening is an art. It is an art that, for the most part, has been lost in society today. In business and in your personal life, being a poor listener can have devastating effects.

If you have developed bad listening habits over the years and are committed to improving it, you must work at it just like any other habit. It will require patience, practice, and discipline. It is no different than when someone stops smoking or drinking or starts an exercise routine.

In business, as in life, your primary aim should be to build trust. Nothing builds trust faster than listening (other than, perhaps, saving someone’s life). THAT’S WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR BUSINESS!

  • Do you listen with your eyes?
  • Do you seek to understand rather than to be understood?
  • Do you ask great questions?

IN THE BOOK I discuss a number of ideas that you can implement to improve your listening skills.

One Possible Solution Offered in The Termite Effect:

  • Practice being a relaxed listener by:
    1. Focusing on what is being said and on articulating follow up questions.
    2. Learn to archive your responses.