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What Is The Termite Effect?

The Termite EffectTM is an important resource for business owners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and managers seeking ways to improve their odds of success. While small businesses fail at an alarming rate, it is often obvious, in retrospect, what mistakes led to the ultimate demise. The damage done by most of these mistakes can go unseen for months or even years just like the effects of termites on your home.

Author and business coach Shawn Brodof presents twenty-five common business mistakes while offering practical strategies to avoid them as well as arming you with solutions for fixing those that may already exist within your business.

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Two radio interviews - Interview #1, Interview #2

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Brian Tracy, Author of Eat That Frog

"Business success often goes to the person who makes the fewest mistakes. This book shows you the pitfalls to avoid and the things to do right."

Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling author and Founder of BNI and Referral Institute

“The Termite Effect is a must read for every business owner who wants to stay in business! From cover to cover, Shawn Brodof offers practical, clear cut solutions for many of the mistakes made by business owners today and his simple strategies for proactively focusing on all aspects of a business help pinpoint hard-to-detect problems which could ultimately sabotage success.”

Mark Sanborn, Author of The Fred Factor

“The Termite Effect is a simple, straightforward book that will help you become more successful. Shawn Brodof concisely identifies 25 common mistakes businesspeople make and then explains how to overcome them. Read it for profitable insights.”